The Gazipur “Jackfruits” going to15 Countries in the World


A total of 15 countries in the world that is going to jack Gazipur
Gazipur everywhere you can see just jackfruit and jackfruit. Hats are being sold on the market very much. Not only that, the breadfruit is going to the Middle East in 15 countries. Gazipur being exported commercially Jackfruit.

According to the research, the jackfruit rajadhanikhyata Kapasia of Gazipur and Sreepur has been a bumper harvest this year. As a result of simple communication in remote areas of the capital Dhaka and traders from other areas of the country, the farmers from buying breadfruit from trees or gardens. However, the allegations were found, as usual intermediary Bepari and aratadaradera violence, farmers are again deprived of a fair price

Masterbari garagariya about export markets abroad agent Jack Nizam Uddin, Sreepur jack being exported to many countries of the world. A total of 15 countries in the Middle East is regular. His complaint, however, has not developed cold storage for preservation of Sripur jack. Just jack is wasted millions per season due to lack of preservation. Dumabari gheraoed farmer households Ali Akbar said, “Am kisi aphicarake Bastard. There is nothing to Ai. Hemagara parameterization needed doing here. “ Similarly, the desire for cold, said many farmers and traders. Ghagatiya Kapasia union khirati a village. Jackfruit is produced in the village. When the season started, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and businessmen from different countries rushed jack-loving village. Through their trucks per day, airport pick-up with the jack goes in different countries. Shahidul said deilagamo of the season, he has sold 70 thousand worth jack. Last year, Jack was able to sell only 14 thousand rupees to rot. The jackfruit is more phalanao. Favorable weather. Another farmer said Arman, this year than last year earned more from selling jackfruit. So I married Jack will only sell at the dhumadhama. According to local sources, the season jaina Sreepur area about 3 km on either side of the Dhaka-Mymensingh highway caralena jackfruit hat sitting area. The union Kapasia 11 villages, jackfruit hats sit on a daily basis. Kapasia and at least three hundred different places around kamthalake Sreepur market is being conducted. According to agriculture experts, jackfruit cultivation of the soil and climate required for the union of all kapasia and Sreepur. As a result, farmers are more important kamthalake high land every year to create a new garden. This area is flood-free because it is easy to grow breadfruit. Every year in the month of April at boro farmers began dhanakata. Before the end of the selling season is cut rice breadfruit. And the flood of joy is home to Kapasia book.Locals kapasia at 11 Union 3 seasonal fruits for sale in the market place due to lack of a separate market or farmers having problems. Is a victim of harassment. Kapasia Sadar upazila on the market at the biggest market. But here there is no separate provision. As a result of the problems in the market, farmers can not sell their products on the market, jackfruit. As a result, they are missing the true value.Phariyara is kamamulya than the market price. Farmers are forced to sell at low comparatively. Jackfruit farmers told this correspondent, is one of the cash crops on the jack. But there is no government initiative jackfruit cultivation. No bank loans. Jackfruit cultivation if the government were to increase the provision of training, the greater the yield could be found.

Writes – Jinnah, Sheikh Safiuddin
News – Bdpratidincom


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