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Brigadier General (Retired) Abu Saeed Matiul (ASM)  Hannan Shah Kapasia in Gazipur district Ghagatiya was born in the village. His father was a minister in the government of Pakistan Faqir Abdul Mannan from 1965-68.

His younger brother, Shah Abu Nayeem   Supreme Court Mominur Rahman   Department He was a senior Justice.


Distinguished military career, ASM Hannan Shah 196

In Pakistan Military Academy   Commission Received. He cantonment of Pakistan’s important role   Said.   Brigade Commander of the Chittagong Hill Tracts, Chittagong Commandant Military Academy, Jessore School of Infantry and tekatiksa’s head coach, in Quetta, Pakistan Army College of Electrical Engineering and mekaninkyala prasiksakasaha Hannan Shah played a variety of roles.

In 1981, the Chittagong Circuit House on May 30, President Ziaur Rahman was killed by a group of soldiers in the heat of the president’s body from rangunia Hannan Shah came to Dhaka.

HM Ershad government Hannan Shah was forced retirement from the army.   The establishment of the ministry’s joint secretary (epidi), and served as chairman of BADC.

In 1983, he resigned from the post of chairman of BADC formally joined the BNP.   At the beginning of the political life in 1983, Hannan Shah, BNP joint convener, organizing secretary of the party until 1986-1993 (Dhaka Division) and 19932009 until served as a member of the Advisory Council of BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia.

Khaleda Zia of the difficult times of 1/11, and stood by the ASM Hannan Shah served as the party’s grassroots activists to organize important.   The time army Backed caretaker government and parts of the reform activities and conspiracy to Speaks to the media in front of the courageous voice against party activists at home and abroad He drew attention.   009 BNP’s fifth national council ASM Hannan Shah

He was elected a member of the party’s highest forum of the Standing Committee. The sixth Council Was re-elected. 1991 Gazipur-4 constituency (kapasia) Hannan Shah was elected as the Member of Parliament.   Khaleda Zia’s government of jute He was textiles.   The movement against autocratic Ershad ASM Hannan Shah Go to jail several times.

Similarly, the government imprisoned him several times to go Said. There are more than 30 cases against him.   Hannan Shah Private life, was the father of two sons and a daughters. The numerous educational Kapasia Organizations, schools and colleges, including the construction of roads has signed numerous works. Fakir Majnu He is a great proof of Shah Bridge. He was the architect of Kapasia in Gazipur well.

ASM Hannan Shah Tuesday (27092016) Singapore’s Mount Elizabeth Hospital in the early hours of treatment he breathed his last.

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